UV-C from Lumalier – The Recommended, Affordable, Easy to Install, and Available Solution

Engineering Resources Lumalier

Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and emerging variants as students return to the classroom by installing UVC by Lumalier. Lumalier upper-air UVC fixtures are proven, affordable, easy to install, and made in the USA. Targeted airborne pathogen reduction in high-risk areas Install upper-air units simply with an electrician’s assistance Choose from options suitable for […]

The new Architectural Elite 10 and 8 are the perfect solutions when aesthetics matter.

Engineering Resources Berner International

Designed to support and protect the instore/in-space experience and look great while doing it. They are: Designed to disappear as one enters the space. The Architectural Elites are outfitted with the Berner AIR™ and can be operated and monitored via the Berner App. Come standard with the Intelliswitch™ digital controller and have the option to add the Berner Wall-Mounted Touchscreen accessory. […]


Product Spotlights Mussun Memo

In this issue: Ruskin – New CD60CE control damper for critical environments Ruskin – New “Square to Round” UL classified Ceiling Radiation Fire Damper Ruskin – New severe weather/extreme performance louver Mussun Sales – “Old School” order entry Loren Cook – Mobile Air Cleaner Young Regulator – 5020L “locking quad” damper Mussun Memo August 2021

Commercial Duct Heaters

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Indeeco manufactures both open coil and finned tubular heating elements and can supply virtually any duct heater with either type of element.  Use this catalog to reference the best choice of heater, location and accessories to enhance your design and optimize performance. Click on the image below to reference this insightful catalog!

Ruskin Louver Installation Guides Reference Sheet

Contractor Resources Ruskin

Reference the louver model in the matrix and download the applicable installation guides.  Each of these installation guides can also be downloaded from the relevant louver model web page, from the ‘Installation’ tab under ‘Additional Resources’ Click on the image below to access this helpful installation reference tool!